November 23, 2011

Choosing how to fill your plate...

The giving of thanks is upon us and I couldn't be more thrilled. I have noticed the more gratitude is cultivated the brighter and more abundant life seems to be.  In my yoga classes I have been talking a lot about presence.  How in the face of life, family, or even our own darkness presence is a trusty tool that can get us through.  Not saying that you need to "get through" family, life or darkness just sayin it can wake you up.  If you find yourself reverting back to old roles or habits cultivating presence can be a life raft.  A little taste of random: We went with one of our favorite families to see Happy Feet 2.  I am not much of a cartoon watcher but fell in love with the message in this movie.  So many nuggets.  One in particular said something to the effect Problems are merely Opportunities. I saw a post from Elena Brower (paraphrasing here) Do you choose lack and fear or abundance and opportunities.  Ummmm...I'll take abundance and opportunity please with a side of love!

Today I...
stared into beautiful blue eyes filled with love and happiness so powerful it penetrated my soul
hugged and kissed a little girl drinking in the sweetness of the moment
tasted...really tasted what went in my mouth
Watched the freedom that came from my little girl simply laying on my lap reaching into a backbend with pure delight
Tuned in to the laughter finding the musical quality and joy
Felt a familiar kiss with new wonderment just by living in the moment
Noticed my breath being shallow and deepening said breath to fill myself with needed nourishment
Listened to a song that brought about such a strong feeling within without the distraction of my thoughts
Moved my body with love and full attention
Paused to stare out the window getting lost in the movement of the trees
Stretched really really stretched forgetting how truly yummy it can feel without attachment
Sat in stillness reveling in abundance and opportunity...and LOVE
Truly ENDLESS graTITUDE...Have you ordered abundance and opportunity with a side of love.  If not, I highly recommend it.  Side effects include but are not limited to: happiness, shifted consciousness, sillyNess, compassion, joy, laughter, obsessive smiling, cheesE behavior, hugging, dancing, worthiness, willingness to try new things and LOVE...................

November 16, 2011

Fire RED raWness

"We like to keep things separate, so we don't see the compost that helps make the garden, the mud that helps grow the lotus, or the dirt, sweat and blood that helps create a diamond. It's not pure but we think its pure." Thich Nhat Hanh

I was reading The Daily Love on Sunday when I wrote my last post.  It reminded me of something I read from Judith Hanson Lasator and again from Rolf Gates...We hate or resent in others the unresolved parts of ourselves.  When you find that you are angry with someone - its a great time to be introspective about what may be lurking within you.  Its seems I may have misplaced this message when it made a comeback on Sunday.   In the interest of being RAW and authentic (which if you go back and read some of my posts it's apparent I am searching for authenticity among other traits ahemmm patience lol) I just started typing what I felt at that exact moment.  No censoring just raw words.  It took a lot courage to hit the send button but it was something I needed to put out there even if no one read it or lots of people read it.  I will tell you the anger I was feeling has another color, depth and meaning.  I am letting it be my teacher / guide (thank you yoga!!!!!). It can be comforting thinking of anger in this way.  Insert Ahhhhh moment - I ask to soften, be gentle, live from my heart and there it is RAW.  The quote above sums it up nicely for me.  Thank you Emily for sharing it in your newsletter!  I also like to give a shout out to the Beatles " all we need is love"! Which leads me to this quote... "we are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we are not extending in the present." ~ Marianne Williamson

I am extending my RAW self and love to you. I would love to hear your thoughts.  May anger (or whatever emotion it is for you) be your teacher / guide ;).  M

November 15, 2011

A Rambling Heart

Tears flood my cheeks
Not usual in this body
not usual for this strong yet weak lost soul
hiding is easier
pretending is easier
yet it comes back in unexpected waves
a slap while reading the truth
fierce emotion wells up but no worries the wall is always near
oh so deeply lost
face the truth head on
but then more tears
why now
why are after all of these years of not crying
why now
Is it my new found quest to become a truth seeker
the consciousness I pray for
the living from my heart
more tears
can I let it go?????????

November 8, 2011

Self I do CARE

How often do you know what you need but you ignore it.  Too much to do....
Today a good friend of mine made mention of places that get much colder (snowed in without being able to leave the house colder).  She said it forces you to stop the busyness.  Does it though?  I think I could find millions of things to do inside of my house if I was shut in.  Which leads me to *it is up to ME to take ME time*

Today I came home with tunnel vision.  I walked into the house and went straight to the bathroom.  I drew a bath with all sorts of yummy sea salts and rose oil.  I shed the guilt and my clothes and hopped into the warmth.  I closed my eyes and embodied the sweetness. My mind for once was blank, still and my body melted.  I thought of nothing really nothing at all.  Can it be that easy? Is this what balance would feel like?

Maybe the rain has brought with it auspiciousness.  A since of hope laced with a the promise of taking care of the earth. Self, I know I have been hard on you. I know I have ignored you for too long.  Thank you for always enduring - I WILL do better.

How do you care for yourself?  What does it take for the care to happen?  I would love to hear how you lOvE you!