July 15, 2011


I have to say that I have had a challenging week with technology.  I have tried to post a couple different times this week and have lost everything.  If it is not my internet connection it's my server or my smart phone.  So I unplugged everything.  Literally gave technology a night off.  I re-plugged everything back in and voila!  I think everything is back to working.  I remember reading a blog post by a friend of mine with a similar dialogue.  Her rebooting experience also left her to question her internal booting process. Thankfully (and I mean sooooooo much thanks to my parents) every summer my parents whisk my kiddos away allowing me to reboot.  I always dread them leaving and miss them terribly while they are gone.  With that said, I have really taken and opportunity this week to reboot / re-energize heck even re-enter the Austin scene.  I have taken yoga classes with teachers I never get to practice with, had lunch with a dear friend, went on a date with my husband, enjoyed an afternoon with my sister, and sat on my tookish and read, oh I also only had to clean the house once this week because hello no kids means no mess! I swam laps, slept in and watched movies.

Insert randomness...I don't know about you but IT'S HOT!  I mean stinkin hot.  Yet I find myself feeling like I need to go go go do do do.  What I need is cooling liquid, cooling foods, and cooling rebooting time.  Done done and done!  It has been an amazing week (minus the technology madness but even that contributed).  I feel re-energized and like someone hit the re-set button.

Often times I forget the importance of quiet time, yoga time and overall me time.  I get into a routine and let those things slip by.  I feel so inspired getting to take yoga classes with the teacher I study with and yoga teacher friends and that doesn't even give justice to how my body feels after an hour and 1/2 + of community yoga everyday. Ahhhhhhhhh.

How do you reboot?  How do you escape the heat and slow down? What inspires and awakens you after you reboot?  All love and gratitude!  Please leave a comment - I would love to hear from you :)...

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