March 21, 2011

I Will Fail...I will SUCCEED

I subscribe to "the universe" little notes of encouragement.  Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ®© ®, if your interest has peaked.

Today the post was about succeeding being proportional to one's willingness to fail.  First thought "I don't want to fail! insert beating heart, sweaty palms, and chest breathing.  Wait a minute...I read it again SUCCESS, Michelle, is proportional to one's willingness to fail. What holds you back from exploring, dancing with your desire / dream?  The fear of failure?  Was the first step acknowledgement? (thanks Heather :)) Can I sit within and hold space for the fear of failure? Can I break down the barrier or wall that pride / ego has built? Can I then move through it making room for success?

I have this image in my head of a peak pose (asana) I would like to conquer (for lack of a better word). This week I will fail so I can succeed.  Let me define success.  Playing with the pose with the intention of finding the healing goodness without joyless striving. I think I will use K. Pattabhi Jois as my inspiration...not moving on to another peak pose till I have succeeded :).  What successes will you find?

...may YOU be happy & peaceful...may YOU be healthy and well...may YOU be love and feel love...may YOU be free from harm...may YOU feel complete and utter surrender...

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