April 11, 2011

Are you a student or a teacher?

I'm typing away at my computer "working" ok so I was reading a blog when I was distracted by what I saw.  My youngest daughter has a piece of paper on the couch and is water color painting.  My first reaction was to get upset.  I took a breath and sat with it for a minute.  The outcome was unexpected...I found joy in watching her concentration and pure joy for what she was doing.  I asked her if I could move her picture to the easel that was right behind the couch.  She said " yes please mommy, I couldn't find the clip to make it stay".  Another pleasant surprise, she wanted to do the right thing by painting on her easel - she also wanted to do the right thing by not interrupting me while I was working so she improvised. I simply explained why painting on the couch might end in paint ON the couch.  Before I continued to rant I started really looking at her picture.  I saw love transformed onto the page.  She was working on the same picture from yesterday that her and her friend sweetly painted together in unison.  I commented on how amazing her work was and she simply said, "Thank you, if I want to be an artist I have to practice and put love into it".  She is listening!  She is also teaching me by the simple act of honing a craft she truly loves and enjoys.

What am I missing by feeling the constant need to teach and guide her?  What am I falsely accusing my kiddos of by not stopping...being present...observing, softening to what they might teach me or confirm that what I am teaching them is being absorbed? Do I practice honing this craft of yoga which I dearly love and enjoy?  This week I will hold space and soften before reacting.  I will hit the mat and hone my craft. I will wear my student and teacher glasses...

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  1. Oh, yes. I am definitely in a reactive state -- even in my yoga -- feeling a need to compete, to be the strongest, to do the most.

    I will breathe next time. To see with eyes not colored by my to-do list, my previous frustrations, my own limitations.


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