April 18, 2011


" The path to transformation involves many small steps. Experience each one as meaningful"
~Ruth Lauer-Maneti

She goes on to say...often times when you eat an entire plate of food you are full.  It wasn't just the last bite that made you full.  It was the culmination of all your bites.  If you had taken just one bite you'd still be hungry.  This is similar to a yoga practice. It's not just one practice, one experience, or one insight that fills you with understanding, flexibility or overall transformation it is each step along the way. A culmination of all of your experiences over the years.

My inspiration this week is being drawn from a beginners lens.  Getting "unstuck" by breaking free from habitual patterns (samskara). Encouraging myself to do something out of the ordinary.  Stepping out of my pragmatic mind to detach from the mental clutter.  Imagine the possibilities. Can I create space for answers? Can I open to insight? Can I allow that same space to become more expansive yielding the light, joy and overall since of liberation!

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