March 18, 2013

Let the SUN shine in!

I have been thinking about writing a lot lately.  My intention was to do some really solid blog writing over the winter break. You can see how that turned out (or didn't).  I was checking email when this lovely lady commented on one of my post.  It was so kind and exciting all at the same time.  Thank you if your reading this - you put a smile on my face and prompted me to write.  When I started writing I was looking to I think after receiving a comment from someone I did not know it made it very clear I would like an online community who discusses common interest: compassion, life lessons, kids, food, kindness, yoga, you know sTuFF.

I feel so very fortunate! I was walking to pick up the girls at the bus stop and I was breathing in this weather.  Gorgeous stunning weather that I know is not always available for long here.  I sat in the sun and soaked up it's healing powers and light.  It felt good I even felt myself getting giddy.  Do I take the time to really absorb the light - or - do I let the minutia of life suck me in? How do you take in the light?

All love and rays,

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