September 19, 2011

Lemons, Cards & Water - oH mY

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.  You play the cards your dealt? That's what they say...right?  When ever life gives me "lemons" I start to recall what I have been asking (praying, cultivating etc) for.  Well I'm stumped.  We have had 2 or so inches of water covering our bathroom and closet, a spilled product all over the laundry room, and now the car is leaking water out of the dashboard.  Totaling a lot of warped wood, wet carpet and devoted time to operation clean it all up.  Sigh... I have prayed for water to aid in this drought, I have been trying to cultivate balance, and I always ask for patience.  I have also been looking at those baseboards wanting them to look newer or at least painted.  I hear you up there - message received.  I'm working on it but boy do I feel a new found irritation for water in this regard and would appreciate water from the perspective of rain that would help fill the lake and quench the thirst of our Texas soil.  I realize this is somewhat specific and selfish and ultimately it's not something I can control. I must surrender to a higher power all the while learning from the cards I am dealt (oh and I don't always have to be happy about that hand sometimes you have to throw out all the cards and start from scratch even if you loose a turn). I don't really play cards so I may be reaching here.

This week I am embracing my limitations (inflexibility) on the mat so that I can feel ultimate freedom (thank you Mandy for the reminder). I am also focusing on action and balance AHA balanced action.  I smell arm balances and inversions possibly coupled with some drop back work (might as well continue to utilize this heat and the practice of chiseling away fear).  My mat needs to see my commitment to playing (attitude), balanced action and ultimately freedom.  From my heart to yours...

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