September 12, 2011

why hello light...what have you done to the dark

Sometimes (ok all the time) I have ideas pop into my head of things I would like to write about or an update I'd like to post to facebook.  For those of you who don't know, I have an aversion to facebook.  Why I have no idea.  I mean I LOVE reading what other's post as it gives me a sense of connection.  For instance, I can still be apart of there lives even though they live so very far away and have drifted apart. It also allows me to keep up to date on my favorite yoga teacher's and what they have going on. Some of my favorite updates are the nuggets of wisdom sewn in that make my day brighter. For all of you facebookers and you know who you are - thank you!  Yet I still find myself hesitating or not posting.  Anyway this is so not about my facebook crazies! I do think I should seek help on this matter.  Whatcha got for me?

I was thinking yesterday about how much light I have in my life.  How much joy and utter gratitude there is in this life.  I am fully cognizant that pain and suffering exist and darkness can inspire.  My husband and I were deciding on what documentary we were going to watch when I finally said "please no darkness not today I need love and inspiration!" So we watched a documentary on marathoners.  *Check* I am inspired and grateful for this amazing body that allows me to do so much. It may not agree to anything over 4 miles on the track but it's 4 miles!!!  We have so much to give and live so I thought about these buckets of gratitude and intention.  These ways we tether ourselves to the light...

Ways I see the light (aka gratitude and grace):
1. My child hugging our dog sweetly when no one sees
2. The same child crawling through the doggie door with a smile as big as the sea
3. My oldest figuring out something on her own then the glee in her eye at her own accomplishment of something she thought not available to her
4. My husband's hands on my shoulders. They feel strong and loving as he bends down to kiss my head
5. A cul-de-sac filled with kids doing what they do best - playing coupled with parents gathered around talking - a true since of community

When darkness falls:
1. Holding space for whatever that is
2. Not shutting off the pain all the while knowing the only thing that is permanent is impermanence
3. Knowing you can talk to people you love and feeling secure in doing so even if it doesn't change the circumstance
4. Security knowing there is a higher power at work (no matter what your religious beliefs) - cultivating love and non attachment
5. Giving yourself permission to stay in your pj's curled up in the fetal position with the lights out maybe after just throwing a temper tantrum tissues near by as the flood begins (what don't judge) :).

Days / Weeks Intentions:
1. Smooch my children and hold on a little longer
2. Acknowledge my husband and all he does and gives
3. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga both physical, mental and emotional - this includes self care
4.  Stillness, reflection, and time to open my heart and receive love from God
5. Write a blog post :)

Things that make you obnoxiously laugh out loud full volume:
1. A young child wearing bigger than adult size sun glasses with the glass part taken out (picture nerd but so much cuter)
2. Friend's musings about life
3. My students feeling comfortable enough to tell me we are on the wrong foot again and then mocking the way I say something
4. Dry humor tv or books
5. Inappropriate things like people falling (not getting hurt of course) I think that's more a nervous laugh

Thing's that make me cry:
1. Inspiring stories or intense times of gratitude
2. Heart felt books, movies or real stories about people, animals etc.
3. My child or love one performing
4. Honestly I am not a cryer so I will have to fill in more later

Fill in your blanks or share some of the buckets with us if your so inclined. How do you tether yourself to the light?  I truly love hearing from you...thank you for stopping by :).

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