September 26, 2011

Inner Landscaping - Outer Curb Appeal

What is it about fall and cooler weather (ok so not this week but you know what I mean) that inspires.  All of a sudden I find myself wanting to paint my walls, change my house or merely seeking something to let my creative juices flow.  This need for change, cleaning out, or just simply pruning away can be dangerous as I'm struck with an impulse to get rid of everything and work with a blank canvas (so not part of my eco-friendly lifestyle).  I have painted a couple of walls and nothing is turning out how I envisioned. As a matter fact, I am indecisive about where to go next. I read once your inner landscape is how you view your outer world. Introspectively, what inside is painting my outer world? What is sprouting the need for clearing or even the indecisiveness? Is it just simply so new inspiration can flourish? I think I will take this creativity to the mat and just allow myself to play and explore.  Maybe some flying pigeon or some good old fashion flowing without a game plan.  Meditating and going inward quietly awaiting the message.

How does your inner landscape paint your outer world?

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