October 25, 2011

Grace Takes Up Residency

May my practice be an embodied offer of beauty.  For grace resides within me.  Intrinsic goodness is my true nature.  I do not have to look externally for it - it is always apart of who I am.  My practice does not have to be a place of judgement but a blank canvas ready for me to paint. Asana (practice) dedicated from the heart illustrating effort that stems from loving kindness.  Let my practice encompass playfulness, laughter and dedication rooted in trusting in the foundation I have set for myself.  Let my practice begin with opening to grace.  This does not mean "life" won't rear it's ugly head.  It is then my purpose to receive "life" with an open heart imploring its beauty because I have embodied it.

Why do you practice yoga or anything?  What brings you to the mat?  How do you open to grace?

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