October 6, 2011

"the practice"

I participated in my first triathlon this past weekend (sorta the reason I am late to post - still playing catch up after being gone all weekend).  I would like to thank all of the people in my life who sent me well wishes and encouragement.  Without your endless support and love I would not have even tried to complete something like this. You are my wings!

My knowledge cup has most certainly been filled this weekend. I have learned first that the body is capable of so much when properly tended to. The second is I am more committed to my yoga practice having gone through this.  It really highlighted the amazingness that is “the practice”.  The dedication, gratitude, balance, reverence and these are just a few of the many things yoga gifts me.  As I was on the bike getting passed by women who were significantly older than I (insert cough 30+ years older) I was pondering how empowering it felt to be a part of this event amongst all of these incredible athletes.  I was present – fully present enjoying the moment and the hard work I had put into this as my body did what it was trained to do. 

In the first event, the swim, I witnessed fear grip me and then something took over.  I put my head in the water and faced fear head on cultivating courage, presence and dedication.  In Anusara yoga (the type of yoga I practice) the A’s represent Attitude, Alignment and Action.  In this instance, my attitude was recalibrated, my alignment kicked in as I began the rhythmic breathing and the full extension of my arms followed by action as I started pulling ahead of the pack (I must admit my ego was super impressed by this!).  Thank you Anusara Yoga.  All in all as I watched others cross the finish line (of particular interest, a man who had to be pushing 80 years old) I was grateful to be apart of this event.  I was grateful for the body that brought me through it. I was grateful for the friend who encouraged me to try and then proceeded to encourage some more while we trained. I was grateful for the yoga that has taught me sooooo much and continues to be a source of light and, let’s face it, a life raft. So much gratitude poured into me. It was to say the least, empowering and 100% awesome! What ever your training for or dedicating yourself to, the attitude, alignment and action / hard work is worth it!  I have learned that the body can sometimes feel like a flimsy branch, the mind is like a bird on that branch sometimes fearful of the branch breaking, but “the practice” can remind us to sing all the while knowing we have wings. 


  1. so proud of you, Michelle! And I am grateful that you are my yoga teacher!!

  2. Ahhhhh...Jen, really tears are welling up in my eyes. You are an inspiration - how many marathons have you run? I truly am so lucky to have friends like you ;).

  3. Woops I forgot to write about the other event running...the only point to be made there is - I survived!

  4. Congrats, Michelle! As a triathlete myself, I know what goes into training for one. I am so proud of you for sticking with it and really digging in during the race when fear threatened. That's honestly the hardest part for most people. Getting passed by older people is hard too - can really damage that ego. ;) I just tell myself that they have had a lot longer to train. :) Hee hee! Surviving the run is awesome. I'm glad you embraced the experience and truly enjoyed it. There are not very many people that can say they have completed a triathlon. I am so blessed to have you as my wonderful yoga teacher. Keep practicing!

  5. Kelli, you were a tremendous resource along the way and were part of the many people I was thanking in that post! You are so inspiring...seriously triathlete and marathoner. I love my students - thank you for teaching me!


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