November 8, 2011

Self I do CARE

How often do you know what you need but you ignore it.  Too much to do....
Today a good friend of mine made mention of places that get much colder (snowed in without being able to leave the house colder).  She said it forces you to stop the busyness.  Does it though?  I think I could find millions of things to do inside of my house if I was shut in.  Which leads me to *it is up to ME to take ME time*

Today I came home with tunnel vision.  I walked into the house and went straight to the bathroom.  I drew a bath with all sorts of yummy sea salts and rose oil.  I shed the guilt and my clothes and hopped into the warmth.  I closed my eyes and embodied the sweetness. My mind for once was blank, still and my body melted.  I thought of nothing really nothing at all.  Can it be that easy? Is this what balance would feel like?

Maybe the rain has brought with it auspiciousness.  A since of hope laced with a the promise of taking care of the earth. Self, I know I have been hard on you. I know I have ignored you for too long.  Thank you for always enduring - I WILL do better.

How do you care for yourself?  What does it take for the care to happen?  I would love to hear how you lOvE you!

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