March 29, 2012

Happy Yet?

What makes you happy?

It sounds simple yet I struggle with the answer.  I once read, happy is not a destination it's a state of mind. I sometimes find myself using happy as a destination.  If I only had this or accomplish that or my kids act this way or all the stars align then and only then can I find happiness. Well folks happy is not a destination. So I observe.

I sat quietly with this question...what makes you happy? I was amazed at what came up.  It seems a whole lot makes me happy.  I think all to often we can cloud what makes us happy with should.  I should do this I should do that.  If you take should out of the equation what do you get? What about the situations that used to make you happy but that situation no longer does. It feels more like an obligation or a should?  How do you then weigh whether you should keep the situation as is?  I realize this post is more question than reflection - randomness is part of the title as my dear friend so kindly reminded me.

There you have it - I need your feedback, input answers...


  1. For sure -- those shoulds crowd out happiness. I have found that I can make anything an obligation instead of keeping it as something that brings pure joy. It seems I can put strings on anything and tie it to a should eventually.

    So, my recent process has me turning my shoulds around. Instead of "I should" I say "should I?" which brings about much more reflection before the engagement.

  2. ...put strings on anything and tie it to a should LOVE that! Genius I tell ya! * Should I* join that 5 minute Friday thing :). Thank you so much for your sharing your insight. As usual your words leave me wanting more. Hmmmm I have a craving for Chai - random enough :).


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