May 23, 2011

Be True to Yourself

I was cleaning when I stumbled on a book Nathan read about John Wooden, a famous basketball coach.  I have read most of the book myself and thoroughly enjoyed the beginning.  When I flipped through the pages my eyes focused on the bold letters Be True to Yourself.  This is how I know my passion is YOGA.  First thought hmmmmmm...AUTHENTICITY (am I living authentically?), my second thought was how does that apply on the mat - see yoga addict!  We have a creed in our house. Be true to yourself and others and do the very best you can do.

Satya, often translated as truthfulness, is 1 of the 5 yamas in the yoga sutra. Truth is defined as sincerity in action, character and utterance; in fact.

This is a hard concept to tackle.  As delusion, perception often mask as truth.  The mind is a powerful entity with complex reasoning skills.  In fact: am I living my fullest most authentic life?  In what ways am I being true to myself and in what ways am I not?

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