May 16, 2011


So I have really been thinking about perseverance and how to teach / demonstrate such an amazing attribute to my children.  Do you ever wonder if you receive signs of things you are suppose to think about or work on or if you had the thought and now that you are aware you see signs everywhere?  Kind of like what came first the chicken or the egg?  I have been receiving little signs of perseverance a lot.  My husband and I rented a movie and the main message was perseverance, I was reading my favorite messages from the universe "For the one who continues, Michelle, failure becomes impossible." I was watching my daughter's first grade class work on a challenging yoga pose - perseverance rearing its head yet again.  I guess what I am saying is THANK YOU for the guidance and messages being sent my way concreting my desire to persevere.  

When life gets tough and hands you a bunch of lemons - make lemonade.  I wasn't blessed with the never take no gene as others are.  Or the best at looking fear in the face and laughing.  or when I fall down I'm not typically the kind that gets up with a smile on my face ready to try again. I'm not the type to run to the edge of the cliff and take flight.  When someone tells me NO I think boo but let it go, I linger when I fall usually occupying my mind with negative self talk. I get to the edge of a cliff by creeping up to it utilizing every inch of bravery in my body :).  My work this week will be to persevere when fear rears it's head. I will be curious and vulnerable when someone says no and ask why. When I fall I will dust myself off and get back up.  The work will begin with me and hopefully I will teach / guide by example.  Enjoy your mat work utilizing perseverance as your inspiration.


  1. The quote you posted makes me think -- even though we may fail at our original intent, the fact that we persevere means that we will succeed in gleaning important knowledge, wisdom, experience from the journey.

  2. hmmmmm...your words inspire deep thinking :).


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