May 4, 2011

The wind has really been blowing.  Some days are more fierce than others.  It reminds me of back home in New Mexico.  The wind would blow pretty forcefully creating a mini sand storm.  You could temporarily be blinded by the little bits of sand.  It would get in your mouth.   If you ran your hands through your hair you would find the grit from the sand (ok and from not washing my hair everyday).  Any hooSer...I am often fascinated with wind in that any given moment it can throw you off balance.  If you are not firmly grounded you can stumble. I was reading a blog, The Simple Dollar, he wrote...I did not have roots in the ground so the wind blew me in different directions. I have felt this way in my life often...ok more than often! Living without direction, focus or intention. Wondering aimlessly - a hamster in a hamster get the picture.  As May proves to be a test of endurance and balance to juggle a packed schedule being grounded is vital.

Balancing poses it is then.  I struggle with balancing poses, always have.  I often joke, that I have a size 7 foot and a 5'9 frame.  Who can balance with those measurements.   This week my mat work will involve setting my foundation (rooting) as I balance. Letting my breath ground me further as the wind continues to swirl...trusting I am rooted, my foundation is strong.  How will you stay balanced among the wind?

I will be enjoying:
half moon
reverse half moon
standing split
head stand
among others...

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