June 27, 2011

I'm committing myself...

Lately when I come into stillness on my mat the word that comes to my head when I am setting my intention is *commitment* (authentic gives a shout out too).  Ah yes, I will commit to a more consistent meditation practice.  I will sit everyday no excuses. (Oh and I will commit to flossing everyday as well!)  Who gave my inner salesperson permission to go on vacation!  I tell myself you can start on Monday.  Why is Monday any different than today?  Why is Monday the magical day that is going to make this endeavor that much more doABLE?  Poor December is dedicated to gluttonous behavior because ultimately we will change said behavior January 1st...well 2nd let's face it, January 1st is like the first pancake - a wash. (It has to be said, I delightfully eat the first pancake.)

I think the idea of commitment was inspired by my neighbor/dear friend/yoga student. She recently was doing her normal committed saturday run when she was bit by a dog.  When I saw her that same day she gave us the story but ended with, "I am not suppose to put pressure on my arm so I will have to modify when I come to yoga on Tuesday." I stopped in my tracks, here she was bit by a dog stitches and all and she was thinking about her yoga class.  Truly inspirational, brave and fully committed.

Is there a commitment you have been wanting to the pull the trigger on and have put it off?  Would you like to state said commitment here to solidify it a bit more?  I would love to hear it and I would love any feedback you have on how to enhance my committed self!

I like this quote...
"There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permits. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results." ~unknown... I would change the word results to action...tomatoE / tomato.

So there it is I am committing to meditating daily, my yoga practice and flossing!  How bout' you?


  1. Interesting -- my blog post for tonight is about the reasons why I am sometimes afraid to pray -- afraid to ask God for that which my heart desires. And in the process of facing these fears, I have come to the place of committing to ask...and then waiting to see how He answers.

  2. I just received your post this morning and thought the same thing. Great minds think alike or similar minds anyway :). I too have been thinking lately if I limit myself by not fully expressing that which I truly desire. Is it the "not worthy" space that limits this or the "fear of being denied or told no" to your point? Some much needed commitment in the more relaxed summer months should help balance things out :).

  3. When I read the word commitment I first thought of it as a synonym to discipline, which I hugely lack and the list of all the commitments I need to make poured in. But then I was thinking more about the word and thought about my upcoming commitment...marriage. A commitment to a wonderful man and Father to my child and with that I found peace in the word. So now can I soften and find that same peace in other/new commitments?

  4. Such profundity in your words. I like that take on the word and how you can take the peace and solace it brings when thinking about love and family and bring the same softened approach to other commitments :) LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing...i too will use this.

  5. I worry about adding some banality to this discussion but lately all of my commitments I want to make seem to focus on the negative rather than the positive! Like, "I will not eat potato chips in front of the TV every night", or, "I will not read mindless fiction every night until I have read the books on that shelf that are full of what I want to commit myself to." I think sometimes it is easier to focus on the negative than focus on the positive commitment. Operating on the negative is actually not as strong for me- the "I Will Not" vs. the "I Will". I think I set myself up to fail more often than not. Make a statement, a commitment, to the positive not only to deny, but affirm. So, for me, I guess I should commit to committing to the positive! :-)

    -- I WILL read those books and drink in the challenges and joy they can bring me.
    -- I WILL make healthy choices for my body/mind and sing that body electric through movement(yoga&dance), sound (singing with my broadway babes and filling my days with the joys of music), and touch (no details needed.)

  6. Thank you for sharing this - insightful. I find myself innately coming from a place of no rather than yes and have to work at switching the mind set to I will and what can I add vs take away. These commitments are fantastic. I love your words "drink in the challenges and joy they can bring". Again, thank you for your inspiring words :).


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