June 20, 2011

Kula/Community & the Dialogue

I have been thinking a lot about community and yoga.  I have been toying with this idea of a community blog / forum that supports and shares beautiful wisdom, insight and experience. For example, one of the main reasons I started to write was because I valued a friend's blog and how people she is connected to comment and support what she writes. I am interested in a dialogue more than a monologue :).  Some of the comments are simply gratitude for the words written that may have inspired their day and some of them are thought provoking comments that either expound on her words or invite a different view on the topic. She once wrote about goal setting and someone commented how they saw goal setting differently which really opened my eyes to two very different opinions on the matter.  It widened my outlook giving me something to chew on.  As it so happens, I thoughtfully shifted my view on goal setting.

I feel so very fortunate (truly) to meet, know and love many magnificent people with brilliant ideas brimming in their minds.  I would love for anyone to feel comfortable commenting on my post so we can explore and play with objectively loving words, thoughts and diversity.  I would love for fellow yogi's to guest post and share.  Ahhhhhhhh...I have thrown it out there now let's see what happens :).

"Community is our native state. You play hardest for a hometown crowd. You become your best self. You know joy. This is not a guess; there is evidence. The scholars who study social well-being can put it on charts and graphs. In the last 30 years our material wealth has increased in this country, but our self-described happiness has steadily declined. Elsewhere, the people who consider themselves very happy are not in the very poorest nations, as you might guess, nor in the very richest. The winners are Mexico, Ireland, Puerto Rico, the kinds of places we identify with extended family, noisy villages, a lot of dancing. The happiest people are the ones with the most community." Barbara Kingsolver on community 


  1. I've read a book by Barbara Kingsolver, although the title escapes me at the moment. As much as I am an introvert, I am ever grateful for the communities in which I reside. I think your idea of a community blog is inspiring and amazing.

  2. You were the inspirerER i know that is not a word! Keep writing your amazing words spreading love, thoughts and laughter!


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