August 29, 2011

hi ho...hi's off to work we go...

Summer has slipped away like a bullet train.  This summer I have loved witnessing my children embark on new endeavors that teach them the value of hard work.  I have written about perseverance before and have weaved it into my intentions as something to continuously cultivate.  The seed has been planted look what it bloomed...

We took a trip to Colorado with some family friends.  One day we decided to go for a hike because the kiddos wanted to ride down on the gondola.  We explained to the them that it was a very tough hike straight up a mountain and there was to be no complaining and whining. (I'm embarrassed to say I was sorta of trying to talk them out of it).  They really wanted to ride on the gondola so we headed off with water bottles, snacks and enthusiasm.  When the water, snacks and enthusiasm dwindled all that was left was perseverance and hard work.  We were 3 miles in with no end in site except more trees and steep climbing.  I started to get nervous (ok I panicked) we had been hiking a long time and I wasn't sure where we were.  It looked a little rough for a hiking trail.  I looked at the kids and they had sweat beating down on there red faces but they weren't crying and they were not complaining.  They were doing as we asked and they were committed to getting to the top of this very steep mountain - the oldest kiddos were even singing there way up.  I have to admit I threw a little temper tantrum and said, "I am not taking another step until we figure out where we are and where we need to go to get the top."  We took out our phones and figured we were close.  So with my best friend urging me on we made it.  The kids were magnificently strong and excited to have accomplished such a big feat of 4+miles up a steep incline in the mountains of Colorado.  It still amazes me how fear can drive inaction.  I mean obviously we would have had no choice but to keep going or sleep on the mountain but for a second the fear took over all reason and lead me to a complete stand still.

What am I letting fear drive and how can I let go of fear so I can *do the work*? How many times do I stand in my own way of accomplishing things due to lack of trust in my abilities?  Even worse, how many times do I stand in my children's way due to fear or lack of trust in there abilities?

Lessons: If you love something *do the work* and then sit back and enjoy the gift without holding attachment to the results.  Not to say don't celebrate - I highly recommend a celebratory dance!


  1. Thanks, Michelle, for the beautiful entry. I've been pondering the gripping hands of fear as well. The garden of our lives must always be well tended so we can grow what we choose to grow. My Father once gave a tiny, wooden, dog sculpture to my sister. When he bought the sculpture, he asked the artist how he managed to make such a perfect little dog out of wood. The artist said that it was easy, he just took away anything that wasn't a dog. Is it possible to do the same thing with fear? Carve away until we're left with courage?

  2. Heather, I think I will practice carving / chiseling away until I am left with courage. "May I have the courage to lead with my heart and the compassion to stay open" is a mantra I often recite. All love!


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