August 3, 2011

Ask & You Shall Receive

Last week I spoke about the yoga sutra that says cultivate your practice (defining this the same way I define the mat - see side bar) over and extended period of time.  So strange how sometimes you say the words in hopes that they will sink in and actually come to fruition.  As I went to immersion yoga training this past weekend I brought that seed (intention) with me.  Let it be said, At these trainings I am surrounded by amazingly talented yogi's who flow from a state of grace and inspire such "awesomeness" (forgive the word I couldn't find a word that would even resemble a description close enough) it makes it feel as if anything is possible.  We entered into a pose I had thought not possible in this body and low and behold my partner said "your foot is right there - grab it".  I'm sorry did you say my foot is right there?...ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh (little mermaid ariel style!).  My foot was not only there for me to grab but it was freely given without struggle, pain or ego reaching.  If I have lost you with the foot scenario it's like something you have been cultivating maybe running a certain distance or cleaning up your diet or sitting silently for your self enters into your life freely without strings attached in a way that feels easy.

I have such gratitude for the people (gifts) in my life.  I have met some inspiring new friends who ignite an auspicious fire within me.  Who encourage and push me to aim higher with levity.  The people who have been here all along inspire new love, encouragement and support. These loving gifts in my life ask hard questions so that I can cleanse the habitual patterns that no longer serve me and free myself from left over scar tissue of the past that bring about darkness.   They give me water, enriched soil, sun and shade optimal for blooming.  I continue to cultivate my practice over an extended period of time letting it unfold as it may and thoroughly enjoying the gifts it continues to shower.

What gifts are present in your life?  What are you asking for?  What seeds are you planting?

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  1. Lovely. Lovely.

    There are so many gifts. Gifts that bring healing. Gifts that bring love. Gifts that bring refining.

    And, what do I ask? Perhaps what it all boils down to is that I may serve well.


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