August 8, 2011

Support Beams

I woke up this morning feeling tired and unmotivated.  As the alarm sounded, I rolled (literally) out of bed. My feet hit the floor and immediately my mind was rattling off all of the reasons why I should not be up at this time.  I mean most people in there right mind are asleep (inner dialogue is so skewed).  The only reason my feet kept moving was a group of friends that were waiting for me at the track. This amazingly fantastic group of women who make me laugh, get me fired up and help me get through the run.  Today was no exception they brought it.  What you may ask - everything I needed to get through.  The topic of conversation was bleak and well depressing but the fire and passion with which each of us spoke was inspiring.  I didn't feel alone in my frustration of how things are run in this country.  (so not going to get political here).  I digress but it's important to note that I watched a documentary that had my dark side on fire.  What in the hay does that have to do with yoga...ahemmmmm & randomness :).

Funny enough I went to a new never tried yoga teacher today (such a gift) with a close friend who just moved here (yay) and the message was freedom.  Crazier, just before class, due to aforementioned documentary I mentioned to my friend feeling like my hands are tied and then the  message.  The message sent at such an important time...let go...surrender... embrace freedom!  Could not have been more clear if it hit me in the head.

I am grateful for the documentary intellectually stimulating and lighting my fire, I am more grateful to the women who inspire me to get up and run.  I am also soooooo grateful for the practice that sends me messages that quench said fire.  Oh and I cannot forget I am most grateful to my husband who came to the class I taught tonight and inspired me to smile allowing me to feel the support beams beneath me.

How do you feel supported, inspired, fired up?

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