August 16, 2011 the name of LoVe

In a message I received from the universe 2 words boldly stood out.  Persistence (check) patience (ummmmm...not so much).  I mean (insert cough) I am cultivating patience with loving kindness.  My meditation practice has never really been solid.  I feel as if I am impatient with the practice.  I spoke to a friend who said something that really brought light to my meditation practice.  She simply asked "When you meditate (pray) do you receive love into your heart from the divine?" I?  Am I too focused on not thinking and therefore not fully utilizing this time to receive love into my heart?  What doorways (thanks Jen) would open to grace if I brought my awareness to my heart?

This week I am taking the opportunity to practice solely receiving love into my heart.  What does this look like for you?

She also mentioned with all that you read - no wonder your confused (insert laugh)!  So per my quote a couple of post ago it's time to set the book down and do the work...

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